Practical & Simple Budgeting

By Paycheck

to accerlate your financial goals

Complete Budgeting System Without The Bank Integration

Budgeting By Paycheck

Easily keep track of what bills are due (and when) to see exactly how much money you're left with before your next paycheck.

Simple Expense Tracking

Quickly track your expenses alongside your bills to see a holistic view of your money in real time.

Debt Free Roadmap

Create a plan to see what order you need to pay your debts in and exactly how much you need to pay to each one every month to become debt free.

Maximize Your

Since your bills are laid out by paycheck, you can easily see how much money you have to tuck into savings.

Complete Budgeting System Without The Bank Integration

Gain insight into your finances & see what cash you have left after bills are paid

A complete budgeting system that includes features that allow you to:

  • Easily view your recurring bills & variable expenses, broken down by paycheck so you can project your actual cash flow throughout the month
  • Create a Debt Payoff Plan to become debt free
  • Review & Address your spending behaviors with easy to run, ad hoc reports
  • Zero bank integration makes you more aware of your finances as well as provides heightened security for your data

What People Are Saying

Since using Divvy My Dollars, I have paid off all but one of my debts, and my credit score has risen over 100 points. Thanks, Divvy!"

"Ever since Divvy, I haven’t missed a payment or forgotten about a bill! I was pretty good at letting my account go negative in the past. Having such a helpful site to sign on to and update within a few minutes has been great. From the tools in the site to the graphs and everything being broke down, it has honestly been a financial relief and has helped me save money, knowing where it’s all going!


"Figuring out how to pay down my debt was so confusing!"

"With Divvy, I can project how extra payments impact how quickly I can pay off debt, making the goal seem more attainable. The budget and bill reminders keep my goals in plain sight. The site is user friendly and has helped me better understand my finances!"


Divvy My Dollars has helped me pay off one huge medical bill and save about $100 monthly just because I am able to visualize my spending all in one place. I will always recommend Divvy My Dollars to anyone who is struggling with their finances!"

"I started using Divvy because I have a hard time budgeting my money. I have tried several approaches but nothing seemed to be working. It helps keep me organized and it’s encouraged me to pay off loans quicker.


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